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In the framework of the MANOS program, I have been working on an automated data analysis pipeline for calibrated asteroid photometry and astrometry from imaging data. This pipeline, which can be applied to any kind of point source observations, is now in a robust state and available through github. For details on the pipeline, please refer […]

Observing Tools

A while back, I wrote some tools that I use for planning my observations. Now, I finally found the time to update them and turn them into publicly accessible websites. The tools are: Observation Planner This tool plots visibility curves indicating target elevation and airmass over the course of a whole night, which is either […]

Rapid-Response Spectrophotometric Observations of NEOs with UKIRT and RATIR

The understanding of the compositional distribution of NEOs is important to reconstruct their dynamical and physical evolution, assess the damage potential in case of an impact, and estimate the resources that can be obtained from these bodies in the not-so-far future. Also, there is still a discrepancy between the compositional distribution of meteoritic material found […]