About Me

I am an Assistant Astronomer at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, focusing on the physical characterization of small bodies in the Solar System. The physical properties of small bodies, as well as their distributions and variations throughout the Solar System, provide important constraints on the formation and evolution of the Solar System and its implications for life on Earth.

I am specifically interested in asteroids that unexpectedly display comet-like activity, as these bodies can provide unique clues on the origin of terrestrial water, as well as the evolution on small bodies.

In addition to traditional methods used in astronomical research, I am utilizing a broad range of data science methods and numerical simulations. My research is based on taken by myself, as well as data mined from image archives and catalogs.

Furthermore, I am actively developing open source software relevant to my research. Among other things, I have developed an automated pipeline for astrometric and photometric calibration of imaging data, and I am leading the development of a Python software package for asteroid and comet researchers.